Therapy Intensives

Parents and their children come to Pediatric Potentials, Inc. from various distances to participate in our Therapy Intensives with our highly specialized pediatric therapists. We have been fortunate to have worked with many wonderful families throughout the State of Florida, from more than 18 states, and from over 10 countries.

Types of Intensive Pediatric Therapy

There are two main models of intensive pediatric therapy:

Intensive Burst of Therapy

This method is usually beneficial to those coming from out of town. We meet a number of times in only a few days, to assess, treat and develop a home program. This home program can be adjusted as changes occur, via teleconferencing tools, or additional on-site visits. The treatment and scheduling for this type of therapy is tailored specifically to each family’s needs. An example of how we schedule sessions for our visiting clients from out-of-town is outlined below.

Day 12-hour testing and training blocks of time are scheduled for each evaluation- Occupational and/or Speech Therapy testing may be completed

Days 2-5Therapy sessions are set up to include 1.5-2.0 hours of therapy in the morning. A lunch break and rest time is provided for 1-2 hours, and then the child returns for another 1.5-2-hour block of time in the afternoon, which includes direct therapy interventions and/or parent training time. More time is spent training the parents, if the child fatigues easily. Activities are varied to keep the attention and interest of the child throughout the process.

Concentrated Visits (Multiple Visits Per Week)

Concentrated Visits of intensive pediatric therapy OrlandoThis method of intensive pediatric therapy sessions is preferred. Reducing visits to a concentrated period of time can create better results in less time. Initially this may seem more difficult to schedule, but the results come faster and there is the benefit of starting and finishing therapy in a shorter span of time compared to weekly visits. Local families often choose this option throughout the year when they have a young child struggling in preschool or that’s been asked to leave several daycares. Older children often sign up for this type of therapy intensive in the summer, when it doesn’t affect their school schedule, and when the parents want to boost their child’s skills before starting the next school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is different. If you are interested in intensive pediatric therapy, please schedule a phone call with one of the owners of our facility to discuss your individual needs and limitations. We can help you create options that can work for your child and your family.

Our intensives are scheduled throughout the year on an individual basis, but they are most often scheduled throughout the summer, to minimize the scheduling conflicts of school and other family obligations.

Yes, we have several hotels within 1-2 miles of our office, with all the stores and restaurants you need in between to make your trip convenient and fun for your entire family.

Our office is located halfway between the Orlando theme parks and Daytona Beach. You can get to all attractions and the Kennedy Space Center in less than an hour. Many out-of-town guests choose to stay by the theme parks and bring their child to our office for intensive sessions while the rest of the family goes to a theme park or spends the day at a hotel resort. If the child receiving therapy wants to be at all the attractions too, then the child comes for therapy for several days, enjoys the theme parks over the weekend, and then returns for a few more days of intensive therapy before heading home.