What some of our happy parents, teachers and physicians have said about us.

Family on couch

Pediatric Potentials is incredible. Since receiving my son’s diagnosis I immediately started taking him to Dr. visits and various therapists. Pediatric potentials has a different approach- from the first time we came in for an evaluation it was the first time I saw someone instantly connect and understand my son’s needs. They have unlocked my son- his potential, his needs, and his communication. They have taught me so much and my son and my family are happier because of their influence. I can’t thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone.

Erica. C

Any parent should feel 100% comfortable trusting the therapists at Pediatric Potentials. We have had a wonderful experience with all of their entire staff. The therapists are extremely invested in my child’s growth and progress. I get regular updates and they truly value and celebrate my child’s strengths as well as support the challenges. We are very lucky to have found them and have their help and support. Our Occupational Therapist is truly excellent at what she does. I highly recommend Pediatric Potentials!

Delaney B.

My child has sensory processing disorder. Pediatric Potentials was a true-changing transformation for my daughter and family. Our therapist listened to all of our concerns and used various approaches to help my daughter become the successful child that she is today. Pediatric Potentials is truly a very special place. I couldn’t have chosen a better clinic.

Rochelle F.

I just cannot say enough good things about Pediatric Potentials. Kelly our grandson’s OT there has made such a difference in him. He was struggling with anger and outbursts as well as an inability to regulate his emotional responses. He would go from extreme anger to euphoric highs in a matter of minutes. Kelly was able to help him find balance so he knew what it felt like to be centered and calm. This helped him with his problem solving skills and has led him to make new friends and be successful in school. He went from having orange and red days to mostly green, blue and purple days. The entire staff is extremely caring and very knowledgeable. Their play therapy is open and engaging yet focused on helping whole child to feel good about themselves and those around them. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done and will continue to do for our grandson and all the children in our community.

Elly S.

Pediatric Potentials and Kelli are truly amazing! We have seen such a huge improvement in our son since he began treatment with her. He is more coordinated, more confident, able to deal with stress and anger so much better, and even has better attention and focus on his homework. Kelli has formed a great rapport with him and knows how to get the best out of him, and when he will benefit from an extra push. We could not ask for a better place for him!

Bryan F.

Thank you very much for all you have done. Your approach was tailored to meet our daughter’s needs in such a gentle and comforting way. I was always confident in your recommendations and treatment. Your consistent positive approach made such a huge difference in the life of a child who was struggling and frustrated. Your exceptional therapists educated and helped me learn so many things. You are a master at taking every concern, reducing it down to a sensory issue, and treating the underlying problem and not putting a band-aid on the symptom. This is so big, so important and so serious and it was so natural for your staff. We are truly thankful and grateful for all that you do.

Ellen C.

Our son has made amazing progress with Kelli. She relates to him so well, and has helped him overcome challenges with sensory processing, feeding and hand writing. He is a different child since working with her and we are eternally grateful to pediatric potentials!

Christina K.

I am so grateful for the ladies that have helped us, guided us, and taught us throughout the last 6 months as we’ve navigated this new territory of sensory processing. It started with a phone call with Kelly who gave me so much reassurance and validation in this phone call that I instantly felt hopeful and like this was the right next step for us. When we came in for eval with Kristen I was seeking answers and more validation. Her gentle yet knowledgeable and confident demeanor helped me greatly. It was an emotional time for me and to have someone that could understand what I may be feeling and could help me better understand my daughter’s brain was so reassuring. We have been in Kristen’s care for 6 months now and the improvement I’ve seen in my daughter is beautiful. Every step of the way Kristen has been there for us, available to answer questions, available to explain things to my older daughter about how her little sister’s brain works, available to guide me and reassure me and offer ideas that can help us at home. She has been an angel to us and I can’t say enough about the quality of care you receive at their practice. There are many Occupational Therapy practices around the greater Orlando area and several of them may even be contracted with insurance companies. I will say that the quality of care you get when a practitioner is not overwhelmed with too many sessions in a day (this is directly caused by insurance contracts) is worth everything! I firmly believe that the reason they are able to give such high quality and personalized care to each and every individual is precisely because they are not over-burdened. Every single session is worth your investment because every single session is an investment in the most precious thing in the universe, our sweet children. I love Pediatric Potentials and I am so grateful for the beautiful care we’ve received.

Michelle I.

As a teacher who has had many students with OT and sensory processing needs, I highly recommend this company. They are able to meet your child’s needs. They service sometimes at school and at their office. I have known both Kelli and Victoria for several years. I have seen their work ethic and success with children. They are informative and have your child’s best interest at heart!

Beth I.

You gave us hope when I thought I just couldn’t take it anymore. You brought us out of a horrible place to a much more bearable place. Not only did you resolve our son’s sensory issues, but you also educated me on how to work with him outside your office. I don’t know what I would have done without your incredible team of professionals.

Gywn C.

What a wonderful experience our daughter had with your therapists. They were very positive and motivating. We saw huge leaps in her development during her time there. Her school year has been fantastic this year and we know that it is mainly due to the help she received at Pediatric Potentials.

Thank you! You were all wonderful!

Patricia N.

My son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when he was 4 years old. We tried two other sensory clinics prior to starting with Pediatric Potentials, and had horrible experiences and results. My son’s behavior and school grades were actually getting worse.

We started working with Pediatric Potentials, after 2 parents shared their positive experiences and results with me. In less than 4 months of treatment my son made a tremendous amount of progress and blossomed before our eyes.

Andrea W.

My daughter’s story is like a dream come true. When she started therapy with your company she could not go through a day without having at least one “fit”. Your therapists and my daughter worked very hard. Not only does my daughter no longer have “fits”, but she can sit for more than twenty minutes at a time and she no longer has to touch and hug people all the time. Your entire staff was very helpful and helped us with a nightmare and gave us back our smart little girl.

I would have to say our experience with Pediatric Potentials, Inc. was a great one. We will always highly recommend your company and services.

Lori E.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for my son. I can’t imagine where he would be if he hadn’t worked with your therapists. They were a perfect match for his personality and they knew how to motivate him to do new tasks and redirected him with firm love. We are truly blessed to have had you in our life.

Your therapists have helped me as much as they have helped my son. I now have such a greater understanding of Sensory Processing Disorders. They have unlocked the many mysteries I had about it through our talks and your recommendations.

I deeply appreciate all of the patience, care, and wisdom that your therapists have demonstrated over a crucial time in my son’s life.

Susan S.