Speech & Occupational Teletherapy Services for Children

Speech & Occupational Teletherapy Services for ChildrenDistance to clinics and limited availability can be barriers for parents seeking services for their child. With teletherapy, Pediatric Potentials, Inc. makes therapy more accessible to such families.

We use teletherapy for one-time consultations or ongoing therapy for certain treatment plans, parent trainings, and checking in on patients when services change, or specialty programs are added, such as our Therapeutic Listening program.

As with our in-clinic therapy, the goal for your child and family remains the same: life-changing outcomes. Even just a few suggestions on how to modify your day to help your child can go a long way!

Teletherapy Services

mother and sonPlease note that teletherapy may not be appropriate for certain conditions. Decisions about being a good candidate for teletherapy also depend on the cognitive, behavioral and/or motivational characteristics of the child.

Here are cases where we believe teletherapy is clinically appropriate:

Speech Therapy

  • Speech therapy for select treatment plans
  • Parent consults
  • Post-treatment follow-up

Occupational Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Teletherapy, sometimes referred to as telehealth, telepractice, or virtual therapy, uses live video conferencing to enable therapists to conduct sessions with your child in your home. It is delivered through an online platform that is accessible via computer, iPad/tablet, or smartphone. The use of teletherapy has increased in recent years, however, teletherapy has been successfully used since the 1990s and is considered a highly effective, evidenced-based method for therapy delivery.

Our therapists have been working hard to create fun and engaging materials that work well for teletherapy sessions. For our younger clients, teletherapy sessions are led via collaboration between the therapist and the child’s parent(s) and/or caregiver(s). The therapist will make suggestions for activities and resources to be implemented during the session that work to support the child’s goals, while the parent/caregiver facilitates the actual use of the resource, such as a game, craft, gross motor activity, etc. Older children may be able to participate in the session independently with the parent and/or caregiver joining in for the last 5-10 minutes.

We are currently offering occupational therapy and speech-language therapy, via our teletherapy platform.

Teletherapy benefits for Occupational Therapy:

  • Consultation services for sensory treatments
  • Explanations of difficult behaviors and how to shape those behaviors in a positive way (for parents and teachers without the child present)
  • Home programs developed in a weekly schedule format to address areas that are being targeted in therapy
  • Sensory sessions can be set up and implemented with our guidance during teletherapy sessions, to promote self-regulation and focus
  • Gross motor, fine motor & handwriting activities can be completed with our guidance to promote strength, endurance and coordination in a fun way

Teletherapy benefits for Speech/Language Therapy:

  • Speech & Occupational Teletherapy Services for ChildrenConsultation services to understand your child’s struggles and what you can do to help
  • Explanations of your child’s difficulties and home activities that can help, in a fun and playful way
  • Direct speech and articulation therapy sessions can be conducted
  • Language processing interventions can be implemented with fun online tools to keep your child engaged
  • Social and play skills can be addressed with parental support