Private School & Daycare Therapy

private Occupational and Speech/Language Pathologists OrlandoOur private Occupational and Speech/Language Pathologists are willing and able to work with your child at local daycares and schools, as our schedule permits. We bring in our own equipment and toys to complete our sessions and work in a space provided by the school for private one-on-one sessions to occur. We follow our own private therapy goals that we have established with the parents through our initial testing process, and collaborate with the teachers and administration to help support your child in their academic or daycare environment, as much as you would like for us to communicate with them. Otherwise, we communicate mainly with the parents after sessions to keep them up-to-date on their child’s progress and any home activities that can be done to support their goals and speed up their progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check with your child’s school first and make sure they allow private therapists to come on campus and know that you are interested in having us come see your child at school. Once you relay their initial approval of us being on their campus back to us, we will reach out to them directly to set up ongoing days and times that work for everyone’s schedule. We will then confirm the schedule with the parent, for final approval of the day and time, and then sessions can start. It is the parent’s responsibility to let the therapist know when the child will not be at school or when the school is closed, so the therapist can reschedule or cancel the session with advanced notice. It is not the school’s responsibility to keep us informed.

While our office has large treatment rooms with extensive amounts of toys and therapeutic equipment, it is not always needed in order to make great gains with your child. Our pediatric therapists will let you know if your child’s therapy sessions will be hindered by not coming to our office, once we evaluate and get to know your child’s needs and preferences. Sometimes the intensity of our equipment is essential to help with regulation and attention difficulties. If your child will not get the maximum benefit from sessions at school, we will let you know in advance!