Therapeutic Listening®

Therapeutic Listening® is an auditory integration training program that was developed by Occupational Therapists, Sheila Frick and Colleen Hacker, more than 20 years ago. It is a treatment tool that was created to be used as an intensive home-based therapy program in addition to sensory therapy provided by a trained professional. This program uses sound stimulation with altered headphones and modified music to stimulate different parts of the brain, to help speed up developmental gains and success with learning.

Therapeutic Listening® makes use of varied types of sound that range in musical style, including electronic sounding music, upbeat songs, drum sounds, jungle music, nature sounds, favorite kid songs, and many classical pieces. All music pieces are altered and enhanced in order to help make therapeutic gains. This program was developed based on some of the same principles and technology originally discovered and designed by Alfred Tomatis, Guy Berard, and Ingo Steinbach.

A therapist trained in Therapeutic Listening® creates intensive home-based listening programs based on each client’s individual needs, goals, and objectives. This program has helped our clients to make significant and lasting improvements in their abilities, when completed correctly.

This program has helped many of our clients improve in the following areas:

  • Sound sensitivity

  • Sleep difficulties
  • Organizational skills
  • Energy Levels and engagement with others
  • Coordination, rhythm, timing and sequencing
  • Handwriting- letter size, line placement, and spacing
  • Focus, attention, and ability to follow directions
  • Tantrums, overall mood, emotional connection, and ability to get through the day
  • Language and academic readiness skills- so learning and communication skills are easier, and to help some be more ready for Speech Therapy sessions to target higher level language skills

Our therapists will let you know after your child’s initial Occupational Therapy evaluation if we feel this program would be beneficial and successful. We try this program in our OT sessions and recommend it as a home program, once we feel your child will benefit, without any negative responses. Feel free to ask us questions about this program any time. We love to explain it and share our excitement for it.