Speech & Language Therapy

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Communication is the key goal for Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologists. Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologists have a solid educational background in development, education, and neuroscience and can differentiate the underlying causes of communication difficulties, in order to develop successful treatment programs. Our Pediatric Speech Therapists are extensively trained to diagnose and work with children who have communication difficulties. A limitation in communication skills can be the result of an expressive or receptive language delay, articulation, oral motor, sensory, neurological, genetic, or cognitive limitation.

We commonly address the following areas:

  • Verbal/Non-verbal communication skills and Social skills
  • Receptive language skills (understanding what is said)
  • Expressive language skills (being able to talk and express thoughts, answer questions and share knowledge easily)
  • Autism-related communication difficulties
  • Articulation disorders (to speak clearly)
  • Oral Motor skills (for speaking clearly, chewing and swallowing)
  • Central Auditory Processing- for processing directions and stories told clearly without confusion
  • Reading comprehension
  • Play skills & engagement
  • Developmental delays
  • Hearing impairments
  • Augmentative Alternative communication & Assisted Technology

We have spacious rooms and use them to set up fun, play-based interventions in order to gain each child’s interest and participation, while targeting their therapy goals. We also provide suggestions to the family in each session, so that carry over of activities can be completed at home for maximal therapeutic gains. We are able to see your child in our clinic and in nearby daycares and private schools. Please ask for our current availability.

Here is a check list you can reference to see if your child may benefit from a Speech and Language Therapy Evaluation.

Speech & Language Therapy Symptom Checklist

Speech & Language Evaluations

Our initial speech & language therapy evaluation takes approximately 1 hour to complete and is filled with standardized, developmental testing to target all areas of concerns that you have. We also have assessments that can address social skills, oral motor/feeding difficulties and articulation. We are also part of the team that helps create appropriate augmentative communication plans for children that need computerized assistance to communicate. Once we complete an evaluation on your child, we build a treatment plan with specific and measurable goals to help us all monitor gains throughout the treatment process. Parents are encouraged to join us in the testing room if it helps their child to succeed. Our testing environment is structured, yet pleasant and encouraging, so that each child can feel comfortable, in order to show off their best skills. The evaluator will make recommendations at the end of the evaluation to help guide you and will let you know if speech or language therapy sessions are warranted.