Out of Town Families

We offer a variety of individualized therapy programs to support families that do not live in Central Florida, including families that live in other states and countries around the globe.

Therapy Intensives

Our intensive therapy treatment programs are individually designed for the needs of our clients who do not live locally. We offer comprehensive Occupational and Speech Therapy evaluations on the first day, and then short-term, 1-3 week intensives, which are daily treatment sessions for children who would benefit from Occupational and/or Speech Therapy services. Children signed up for this program would expect to come to therapy sessions for a total of 2-4 hours each day, often with a break in between. Our therapists will get to learn more about your child in action when they get the chance to work with them directly in therapy intensive sessions. The additional information learned from these sessions will be added to your child’s evaluation report, for you to take home to your child’s team (i.e.- medical professionals, therapists, educators & care takers).

Comprehensive Evaluation(s) with Home Program Recommendations

This option is a great choice if you’re only able to be in town for the day! Your child can be scheduled to attend a single day of testing by an Occupational and/or Speech Pathologist. The average time spent at our office may range between 2-4 hours total, depending on your child’s needs. Recommendations and guidance will be provided during the evaluation and a typed report of scores, strengths, weaknesses, and overall recommendations will be provided after by email.

A second day can be added, for hands-on training of specific protocols that are not easily taught over the internet or through written materials.

Follow Up Sessions

Our out-of-town families are often able to take the information gained from initial testing and therapy sessions, and return home to continue to make gains. It can be beneficial to return several months to a year later, for updated testing and treatment recommendations for children who may not have access to specialized treatments in their area to help carry over therapy recommendations over time.

The length of stay for follow up sessions can be determined over the phone or through email, prior to returning to Pediatric Potentials. Sometimes, additional testing, sessions and/or consultations can take place over the phone or through online services (i.e.- telehealth sessions or email updates).

If you feel like your child is not understood and supported locally, and you need further assistance, Pediatric Potentials will work closely with you to find root causes and help design a program that will fit the needs of you and your family. Please email us with your concerns, and we will determine if our services are right for you and your child.