As a parent, all you want is to see your child succeed in their life. If your child suffers from a brain-based disorder, daily functioning becomes more difficult which can burden families. Symptoms we commonly treat include hyperactivity, impulse control difficulties, anxiety, learning disabilities, basic body regulation, focus, obsessive or compulsive tendencies, sensory regulation difficulties, and behavioral control challenges. Parents often struggle to find the right course of treatment to ensure that their child can grow up to be a well-adjusted adult and experience academic, career, and personal success.

Early intervention is a major factor when it comes to helping your child succeed. Neurofeedback may be a treatment of choice for any of the following reasons:

Neurofeedback is natural and medication free.

Neurofeedback begins with an initial occupational therapy evaluation to identify where the child is struggling to function, and which symptoms need to be targeted. Once this has been identified, a protocol is then developed to target the areas of the brain that need to be balanced. The neurofeedback sessions that follow involve the child having 3 electrodes pasted to their scalp, while they watch a computer screen with a movie or simple game of choice playing. The video screen gives them visual and sound-based rewards when their mind naturally creates healthier brainwaves. This is a pleasant process that exercises targeted brain waves to get them stronger, and to help them function at their best. Children complete a minimum of 40 sessions with our symptom-based tracking program.

Neurofeedback sets a child up for a future of academic success.

Children who participate in our neurofeedback sessions often show gains in their focus, ability to take in information when learning, grades, organizational skills, and homework success. Building positive school habits early on will directly impact a student’s success in the future. Getting off to a good start in academics is necessary to achieving academic success throughout the child’s life.

Neurofeedback reduces behavioral problems.

Neurofeedback sessions aim to train the brain to function more calmly and ultimately more efficiently. Children often improve their ability to articulate what is bothering them, gain greater self-control on their own, and are then less likely to tantrum, because they are more easily understood and less overwhelmed throughout their day.

Neurofeedback improves duration and quality of sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of your child being happy and successful each day. Our clients often have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or having a restful sleep. These sleep difficulties often result in a child having a lack of self control, increased frustration throughout the day, a lack of focus, and more difficulty completing school work and engaging successfully with peers and adults.

Neurofeedback is corrective care.

Neurofeedback is a program that provides exercise to specific brain waves, which results in stronger and more balanced brainwaves. These sessions work to create new patterns that do not revert back to create old symptoms. Neurofeedback is intended to remediate symptoms in a child so that functional gains can be sustained over time. A child may need to return for one or a few sessions, if they have an illness or growth spurt that brings any symptoms back. Neurofeedback is a well-known treatment option for many people, for many reasons. We only provide Neurofeedback to children who qualify for occupational therapy services at our office. Our initial evaluation will determine if your child is ready to complete this type of program, or if other treatments should be completed first.